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2nd Issue of UX Design & DataViz for Life

UX Design & Data Viz for Life

Welcome to the 2nd issue of the UX Design & DataViz for Life. Find some of the latest UX design and data visualization news items from around the web. This month's roundup includes some exciting articles such as:

The Behavior of Technical Debt


In this article we introduce an eight state system of technical debt, and analyze its behavior. According to an article by Frank Buschman, the term ”Technical Debt” was coined by Ward Cunningham and is defined as:

Breaking Genomic Silos - Collecting and Using Genetic Data


A few days ago I attended talks by Phil Bourne and John Wilbanks, both of whom are working on ways to make scientific data, including genetic information, more freely available for research purposes. Phil and John were speaking at an NIH conference called ‘Open Science: The Transparency Revolution’ (see agenda and videocast). Dr. Bourne is Associate Director for Data Science for NIH and Wilbanks is Chief Commons Officer at Sage Bionetworks. Bourne has only been in his position at NIH for about a month, so he outlined his goals, one of which was to create a data commons at the NIH where researchers could go to discover, access and analyze scientific data.

Advancing Biobanks through Continued Education at BioCoR

BioCoR Education

It can seem like biobanking is a ‘cold black box’ process. Samples are processed, labeled stored and retrieved. For many involved in biobanking, it is not clear that processing and storing a biospecimen must be based on core scientific principals in order for the biospecimen to be useful for downstream applications. Biobanking also requires in infrastructure: equipment, biospecimen management systems that may include labels, label readers, and information systems for linking important data about the biospecimen with the actual specimen.

Biobanking Monthly Pulse - Volume II

Biobanking Monthly Pulse

Welcome to the 2nd issue of the Biobanking Monthly Pulse. Find some of the latest biobanking and research news items from around the web. This months roundup includes some exciting articles such as:

The Health Seeker: The Natural Return to “Normal”

design for care cover screen resBy Dr. Peter Jones
Republished With Permission of Author, 3/20/2014

The health seeker is any person aware of his or her motivation to improve his or her health, whether sick or not. Health seeking is the natural pursuit of one’s appropriate balance of well-being, the continuous moving toward a person’s own centre and recognition of “normal” health. For some, normal is just not feeling any symptoms; for others, it may be achieving the physical performance of an Olympian. (Definition from Design for Care, FAQ)   Either way, health seeking is a process view based on both behavior and one’s inner experience of “storing health,” it is not an identity.

5 Ingredients for Paving the Future of Legacy Systems

Cartoon by Jerry King

Alan Kay introduced an idea that the best way to predict the future is to invent in. 5AM takes this idea seriously, continuously honing our Glassbox methodology to empower our customers to drive and receive the change they want. A common perception is that people resist change. We have found that people resist what they perceive as threats. The ability to change is to address the threats (aka risks) by answering five key questions. Legacy systems offer a fine example.

Venter's Human Longevity Project - Academic vs. Private Genomics Round 2?

Human Longevity Logo

Craig Venter, the scientist who made a name for himself more than a decade ago by challenging the NIH-funded Human Genome Project, has a new venture. Last week he announced Human Longevity, Inc. The company, according to their press release, is “focused on extending the healthy, high performance human life span” and is going to “tackle the diseases associated with aging-related human biological decline”.

Introducing the UX Design and DataViz for Life News Site

UX & DataViz Site

In industries, such as in healthcare and the life-sciences where complex information is distilled, compared, reanalyzed, and repurposed, visualization and user experience are essential. With the ever-growing number of projects aiming to make sense of the vast amounts data and the decreasing cost of DNA sequencing, it is more important than ever to stay current with the latest methods and practices in UX design and data visualization techniques and engage the community for feedback. This is why 5AM has started the UX Design and Dataviz for Life curated news site.

Highlights from the Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS)

Linked Data

This was the fourth time I've attended the Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS), and every time I come back with new ideas. This conference has a much greater emphasis on implementation than in the past. Considering that this conference has been going for seven years, that means a very clear evolution from its more speculative origins. Organized by the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), it's perhaps the best blend I've seen of people from industry and academia centered around applying semantic technologies and strategies to biomedical research.

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