Free eBook: Advancing Biorepositories with Data Science

Learn how data science can be used to advance instituion wide biorepositories and advance your research capabilities. biobankbook front page

Download your free eBook on Advancing Biorepositirues with Data Science. Biobanking has seen many changes over the past decade. Decentralized biobanks managed by spreadsheet have given way to institution-wide efforts that are managed through large scale information systems. This is being driven through the adoption of data standards in these information systems.  

This PDF eBook addresses several of today's critical biobanking data topics including: 

  • The importance of data standardization and controlled vocabularies in your biobank.

  • Methods to advance biorespositories through business workflow and best practices.

  • A starters guide on data semantics, ontologies and authentication of cell lines. 

Get 29 pages of up to date, mission critical biobanking topics that will inspire more efficient use and management of biospecimens. Fill out the form to the right to get your free copy.