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Liquid Biopsies: The “Active Surveillance” of Diseases in Real Time

How Compassionate is Compassionate Use?

Great Schools, Nice Parks, More Robust DNA

Should We, Maybe, Dial Back Personalized Medicine?

GINA and the "Mystery of the Devious Defecators"

How to Get Drugs That Haven't Been Approved

Faster, Cheaper TB Diagnostics?

Personalized Medicine for Brain Tumor Diagnostics and Treatments

Survey Says: Patients Want their Own Genomic Data

Destination Healthcare

Here's Why Serious People Care About Lil Bub’s Genome

Genes, Drugs, and Diagnostics: How Clinical Trials Work

New Studies Could Lead to New Diagnostics for Alzheimer's Disease

New Standard Moves NGS Closer to Clinical Practice

Put Away Your Winter Genes

Getting Drugs to (More) Patients - Global Edition

Clinical Trial Basics on the Map of Biomedicine

Can We Find a Balance Between Privacy and Meaningful Use?

WHO reminds us that there’s still an immunization gap

Science Shows Well in Time's "100" List But Something's Missing

Download the Map of Biomedicine - Ebook Edition

A $250 Genetic Test Might Revolutionize Breast Cancer Diagnostics

Precision Medicine and the Placebo Effect

3 Things That EHRs Need to Work Better

Mighty Mouse: Rodent Avatars Push Personalized Medicine Forward

The Map of Biomedicine Returns: Getting Drugs to Patients

Like My Genome? Facebook, Genetics, and You

What We Talk About When We Talk About Curing Cancer

Ebola: New Outbreaks Amid New Hope for Vaccines

Better EMRs Can Make Big Data More Relevant

Drug Development and Discovery Going Viral

5 Reasons Apple's ResearchKit Moves Us Forward

Newly Approved Lung Cancer Drug Inhibits Immune Checkpoint

5AM Solutions CSO Will FitzHugh Wins Executive Management Award

Slowing Down Aging from the Tips of Your Chromosomes

The Comeback Kids: Old Drugs, New Uses

Is DNA the Key to Preventing a Digital Dark Age?

Banking on a Cancer "Off Switch"

Potentially, A Key to HIV

Despite Cure, Leprosy Hangs On

Big Data: Friend or Foe?

Managing Technical Debt

Clinical Trial for Ebola Drug Canceled, But That's Not Terrible News

NIH Has a $150M to Spend on Pediatric Research this Year

Why People Believe in Science, But Not Vaccines

Measles Outbreaks May Test Vaccination Naysayers

Researchers Uncover 8 Genes That Build Your Brain

Crowdfunding Scientific Research

Rolling the Dice on Cancer, Ctd.

Alzheimer's Disease in 3D

Today in Drug Development: New Antibiotics on the Horizon?

Rolling the Dice on Cancer

Newborn Screening in Morocco

Patients as Peer Reviewers

CIRM Wants to Turn Stem Cells Into Cures - Faster!

Newborn Screening Saves Lives

Clinical Trials: Finding Goldilocks to Cure Rare Diseases

5AM's Will FitzHugh is Speaking at "Newborn Screening in Morocco"

Direct-to-Consumer Diagnostics vs. Regulatory Mechanisms

Happy Thanksgiving from 5AM Solutions!

What's Changing in the Fight Against Ebola

Cannabinoids Offer Hope to Brain Cancer and HIV Patients

6 Health Stories to Read this Week: Cancer, Kissing, Coffee and More

It's All Fun and Games and Then Someone Does Science

Big Data and the (Near) Future of Genomics

Psychology of Diagnostics Not Always Aligned With Best Care Decisions

Decoding the Exome and the Future of Clinical Genomics

Some Thoughts on Jonas Salk, Vaccines, and Ebola

Malaria and Dengue Vaccines for Mosquitoes?

MoB: Your Health Data Belongs to You

Drug Development to Cancer Treatment: 5 Things the Nose Knows

A Few More Thoughts on Big Data

Thoughts on Big Data

Hate Leafy Greens, Coffee, and Hoppy Beer? Blame Your Genes.

The Father of Biomedical Informatics

The Business of Developing Tests for Diagnostics

Ebola is Scarier than War: Drugs Fastracked for Clinical Trials

Low Vitamin D and High Cynicism May Lead to Alzheimer's and Dementia

Preclinical and Clinical Trials Need Female Subjects

Automated Testing Yields Better (and Safer) Software

Antibiotics: 3 Things You May Not Know

3 Personalized Medicine Barriers that We Can Knock Down Today

Ebola Vaccine in Clinical Trials

The Placebo Effect: Is it All in Your Genes?

Next Gen Diagnostics

Traditional Diagnostics vs. Genomic Testing

Diagnostics: A DIY Approach

The Genomics Behind the Cancer that Killed Bob Marley

Complete DNA Sequencing for the Domestic Cat? Done!

Liquid Biopsy - Curing Cancer from the Inside Out, Ctd.

Newborn Screening is Personal

Curing Cancer from the Inside Out

Deleting HIV

Map of Biomedicine: Premarket Approval for Diagnostic Products

Skin Cancer - Tales from Two Hemispheres

Long Commute? Update Your Software.

Practicing Our Craft - Developing Great Software

FDA: "Get More Men in Breast Cancer Trials"

EMR Data + Clinical Trials = 21st Century Cures

Map of Biomedicine: Getting Diagnostic Products to Market

Taking Pharma to Where the Patients Are

Sky Lab: Is the Future of Life Sciences Research in the Cloud?

Open to the Public: Making Health Data Mainstream

Diagnostic Test Development on the Map of Biomedicine

Gaining Momentum: Patients as Healthcare Partners

GigaGen to Demo ClonoByte at the 2014 BIO International Conference

TMI?* The Evolution of Clinical Trials, Ctd

The Patient-Centered Future: Are We There Yet?

The Map of Biomedicine

Suspense! Consent Management in an Emergency

The Evolution of Clinical Trials

5 Ways HHS is Bringing (Big Data) Power to the People

Managing Healthcare Innovation as a Design Process

Free eBook - Applying Color Theory to UX Design and Data Visualization

2nd Issue of UX Design & DataViz for Life

The Behavior of Technical Debt

Breaking Genomic Silos - Collecting and Using Genetic Data

Advancing Biobanks through Continued Education at BioCoR

Biobanking Monthly Pulse - Volume II

The Health Seeker: The Natural Return to “Normal”

5 Ingredients for Paving the Future of Legacy Systems

Venter's Human Longevity Project - Academic vs. Private Genomics Round 2?

Introducing the UX Design and DataViz for Life News Site

Highlights from the Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS)

Simple Z-Score Tricks for Big Data in Health Care and Life Sciences

A Review of 3 Mockup Approaches - Pros vs. Cons

Introducing the Biobanking Monthly Pulse News Site

Next Generation Sequencing Applications, Challenges & Opportunities

Advancing Biorepositories with Data Science - Free eBook

An Introduction to the Realm of Wearable Health Technology - Part II

A History of Henrietta Lacks and the Evolving Nature of Consent

An Introduction to the Realm of Wearable Health Technology

5 Biobanking Challenges That Must Be Addressed

4 Tips on Incorporating UX Design into Agile Software Development

A Review of Cell Lines and How to Link and Authenticate Them

6 Keys to a User-Friendly Mobile Health App

5 Things to Look Forward to in Dynamic Consent

3 Ways 5AM Empowers its Engineers to Deliver Quality Code

Top 7 Most Read UX Design Articles of 2013

The Top 5 Biobanking Articles of 2013

6 Reasons Good Code Comes from Great Environments

5 Ways to Incorporate Gamification Into Your Work

Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

The Power of Coincidence and How it Can Lead Us Astray

Where Continuous Learning and Innovation are Encouraged

Happy Holidays from 5AM Solutions

23andMe Hit By The FDA - But Their Real Challenge Is Biology

Running the Obstacle Course of Consent

An Insiders View of the Environment Where World Impacting Software is Developed

A Review of Color in UX Design - 4 Tips on Designing a Color Palette

5 Lessons Learned on Developing the Future of Personalized Medicine

When Quality and Effective Communication are Baked Into the Process

Extreme Visualization Makeovers - Genome.gov’s Published Genome Wide Associations Chart

6 Points Along the Ontology Spectrum

A Toast to Making Kindness Contagious

A Review of Color in UX Design - Part 2: Color and Emotions

A Review of 3 Consent Management Problems in Biobanking

What Brings me to and Keeps me at 5AM

A Review of Color in UX Design - Part 1: Color Limitations

4 Steps for Precision Medicine to Drive Precision Spending

My Year as an Intern at 5AM Solutions and Why I Came Back for More

5 Principles for Effectively Delivering Biomedical Software

3 Ways a Chain of Custody Solution can Enhance Biobanking Operations

3 Ways to Embrace Open Communication at Work

3 Signs Your Interface May Benefit from Faceted Navigation

A Review of 4 Data Standards Initiatives for Biobanking

3 Reasons to Love Working at 5AM Solutions

4 Research Personas Reviewed for Best User Experience (UX) Design

3 Languages Your Biobank Can Speak - Exploring Controlled Vocabularies

5 Techniques for Moving Beyond the Fold

4 Good Reasons Why Data Standards Matter to Biobanking

3 Smart Visualizations Tools for Translational Research

Top 3 Things to Consider to Advance Biorepositories

The Key to Driving User Experience in Life Sciences and Healthcare

4 Critical Steps for Biobanking on the Path to Precision Medicine

3 Steps For Narrative Data Design

4 Reasons Why Semantics Help Make Biobanks Better

5 Lessons on UX Design from Reality TV

Two Secret Ingredients for Effective Patient Consent Management

The 3rd Annual Disruptive Innovation to Advance Clinical Trials Event

The Next Generation: A Comprehensive Electronic Health Record

Simplifying HIE: Strategies to Make Things Easier

Clinical Sequencing - When Will It Become Commonplace?

Legacy Systems: How to Pave the Future

The Bioeconomy to Come - Doing More With Less

Wrapping Functions to Add Aspects in JavaScript

Five Keys to a User-Friendly Mobile Health App

DNA Day 2012 is Here: Some Thoughts

2012 Commons Congress: "Building Better Models of Disease Together"

A History of Henrietta Lacks and the Evolving Nature of Consent

Meet CONNECT 3.3

Using Family Health History to Find "The End of Illness"

Using Excel for Bioinformatics Data: Five Issues, Five Solutions

A Special Kind of Patient Philanthropy

Electronic Medical Records: The Magic Wand of Adoption

Book Review: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Kalydeco Zydeco: Research Efforts Need Harmony

Genetic Disorders, Vaccines, and the Power of Coincidence

RIP SOPA (Hopefully?), Hello National Patient Identifier (Again!)

Workflow Improvement: Building a Better Mousetrap


Diagnostic Tests on the Map of Biomedicine


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