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A Toast to Making Kindness Contagious

Posted on Sun, Dec 01, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Work is a vital and vibrant part of my life. 5AM's success is my two word job description. It has been for over 10 years no matter my role. At the core of 5AM are the people who did chose, do choose, and will choose to work here.

The people who apply their talent. Give their time. Hone their skills. Overcome their fears. Do what's right. Provide their energy or insight or deliberateness or observation or critique. Every single person. And the family's who made them and the families they make. And the teachers who influenced them. And the friends who guide them. And the teams they create. The software they make. Past. Present. Future. 

5AM is a business. A business of people, helping other people, achieve results, not possible alone. As we all head into the season of giving thanks, we ask:

  1. Reflect on the idea that no one is self made. That we all have much to be grateful for and many to give appreciation to.
  2. Act with kindness. Let the people that make you know what you appreciate about them, specifically, with speed and earnestness.

 Happy Thanksgiving.

-Brent Gendleman

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