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5 Lessons Learned on Developing the Future of Personalized Medicine

Posted on Tue, Dec 10, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

The future of optimal health and cost effective, efficient care is dependent on the development of personalized medicine. Historically, scientific discovery and delivery of care has been developed from a one dimensional view of patients that assumed all individuals with a disease are the same – a one size fits all diagnosis and treatment regime which, over the past several decades, has failed to produce superior therapies and health outcomes.


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Comprehensive science incorporates phenotypic, biologic, genetic, clinical, and real-world data allowing for a multifaceted approach to discovery, development, and delivery of personalized medicine. Here are 5 Lessons this.


1. Multi Sector Co-Created Systems

New systems have to be co-created with representatives from all sectors of the care and research ecosystem.  Engaging stakeholders during the design and development phase is critical to ensure long term support and collaboration. 


2. Open Systems

All solutions have to be developed in the most open manner, leverage cost effective tools and provide value, utility and sustainability to ensure long term viability.


3. Readily Accessible Repositories

Registries and repositories can be extremely valuable, but can’t be developed as silos and if the participants can’t be contacted, engaged and followed longitudinally – they aren’t worth the investment.


4. Meaningful Data

Data is only valuable when collected in a way it can be shared, maintained, accessed, updated and connected to the individual. 


5. Engagement

Participants and patients can’t be an afterthought – they are the beginning and the end and need to be engaged, educated and empowered as a core component of new health care solutions.


Investments in isolated, fragmented and incomplete systems will yield some value, but never achieve the utility of an integrated end-to-end system which allows stakeholders to move quickly and efficiently through the development and delivery continuum.   


-Dana Ball


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