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Posted on Sun, Dec 15, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

At 5AM Solutions, we make positive impacts in our clients’ software, and our clients’ software makes positive impacts on the world. As a 5AMer, I have developed software helping to power massively parallel targeted sequencing, variant analysis for research and clinical diagnostics, and bleeding edge assays for biotech startups. We tangibly move the state-of-the-art in the life sciences industry forward.



At 5AM I get to work alongside other software engineers who know and care about the craft. Automated testing, continuous integration, and daily standups – we don’t pay these practices lip service, we practice and respect them as the foundation for our quality software. We keep each other up to date on the latest in tools and techniques with informal presentations ranging from mobile app development, to scientific computing in Python, to visualization in JavaScript.


At 5AM, I get to work with experts in all aspects of scientific software development. With several decades of combined experience in bioinformatics and biotech, we translate the scientific need to software that actually addresses that need. I’ve witnessed our user experience experts transform utilitarian into enjoyable, and complex into intuitive. My project managers ensure our clients stay synchronized with our teams, that we address the highest value issues together, and that we remain on track and experience a minimum of surprises.


At 5AM, we understand the problems, we build quality software to solve them, and that software makes the world better. I’m proud to be a 5AMer.


-Chris Lasher





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