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6 Reasons Good Code Comes from Great Environments

Posted on Sun, Jan 05, 2014 @ 11:52 AM

Solid code. A core pursuit of 5AM, software engineers the world over and the multitude of stakeholders from end users to investors. The value of solid code is intrinsic to us, and a constant mantra with the understanding that software is more than code. We have shared often how we get our customers there in our postings and our methodology - glassbox. The value isn’t always apparent upfront and there are always trade-offs that change per situation, customer and even within project cycles. A customer related to us that “when your hair's on fire, call 5AM”. We appreciate the trust! We work to put the fire out and avoid future fires (that we can predict!). The 5AM environment helps. Here are 6 quick elements that help us help our customers get the fire out, the features done and the solution available … earlier.


Coding Remotely


1- Working Software Process

There is a strong focus on a working software process. We want our code to be well tested, have a working Continuous Integration (CI) server, and employ static code analysis tools. When we say well tested, we mean both unit and integration tests at a minimum. For CI, we like to recreate the project and apply all the tests and static analysis tools to it. You break it, you fix it and you have a team (and at times the whole company) to help you. On top of that, peer reviews help us write, test and design better. Architectural challenges or other issues can be quickly addressed and changed for the better.

2- Supporting Educational Groups

5AM provides a venue and food for work related get togethers like the Montgomery County JAVA User Group and Android Study Group. 5AM understands our customers, partners and employees want to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies out there and has supported hosting such meetups for years. All things can’t be learned on the job!

3- Depth of Experience

No matter which technology you end up using on a project, chances are there is someone here that has been doing it for years. This provides an excellent opportunity for peer guidance and also makes for a great way to learn new technologies, or resolve a problem when your internet search isn’t really providing you with the answer you’re looking for. Add in understanding that the help can come from anyone at any level, the experience adds up!

4- Good Code from the Top Down

From my own knowledge and from those who have shared their prior experiences, 5AM has a real appreciation from the top down for what good, slick, and efficient working code is and makes it a priority here. How we work, who we work with, and the many places and companies we learn from all help us get better and deliver better.

5- Nimble Outfit

We are very flexible on how work gets done in the office and remotely. The importance is placed on getting the work done! 5AM was recognized this past year with a 2013 Sloan Award for exemplary workplace practices. We get in touch routinely. We figure things out. We have a pro-active engagement work ethic and the technology to support it. We also aren’t afraid to use our hands to tap the person next to you!

6- Open Door Policy

Finally, your voice will be heard. Everyone from the CEO to HR and the PMs have open door policies. You can walk into their office and know that your opinions and ideas count, and if something can come from it, then something will.

-Victor Semenov



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