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Top 7 Most Read UX Design Articles of 2013

Posted on Thu, Jan 09, 2014 @ 06:00 AM

Need some quick tips on user experience (UX) design for your next project? Here are the top 7 most read UX design articles of 2013. Thank you for your support and continued readership. Let us know which article you liked most? 


#7. Five Techniques for Moving Beyond the Fold

Move Beyond the fold

Even in a digital world, the term "Above the fold" still matters.  "The fold" is a term that comes to us from the newspaper industry and simply refers to news items on the front page of a folded newspaper that the editor thinks will engage readers.  Why does suchananachronistic term matter?





#6. Three Steps For Good Narrative Data Design


Design and layout are often neglected when it comes to large quantities of data. The go-to answer seems to be, "put it in a table and call it done." However, if you take the time to think about the layout and design, you can get your audience to the information they need more quickly and easily. Below are some ideas on how to improve the presentation of your data.  



#5.  A Review of Color in UX Design - 4 Tips on Designing a Color Palette

Color PaletteIn our first two blog posts on color in UX design, Color Limitations and Color and Emotions we looked at some interesting facts about color and some of the context around their meaning. Part three brings these ideas together and provides tips for choosing color palettes for you designs and graphics.




#4. Five Lessons on UX Design from Reality TV

indoor restaurantWe have all seen various versions of restaurant makeover TV shows. They usually feature a successful, opinionated and hot-headed celebrity chef, who works in guiding the business in a successful direction. They act as an advisor of last resort, and (usually) guide them safely to powerful transformations.  The problem we see is the overall user experience.    





#3. A Review of Color in UX Design - Part 2: Color and Emotions

ChartMention Thanksgiving to any American and they will paint a picture in their head with gold, orange, red, and brown hues. It will also likely invoke a sense of family, gathering, and thankfulness. But color and the emotions we associate with them are not exclusive. If I were to show you a picture of red roses, a champagne bottle with an orange label and a gold foil box of chocolates, you would see the same colors but perhaps think of a different holiday and a different emotion.




#2. Four Research Personas Reviewed for Best User Experience (UX) Design

Chart...One persona we introduced was the biomedical researcher. This is obviously a very broad category, so let’s break it down a little bit. It’s useful to do this because one challenge our customers often face is how to develop applications that serve biomedical researchers when they don’t have a clear definition of what that label means. In these cases it really helps to more clearly say which types of researchers you want your application to serve. We start by breaking down researchers into the basic categories shown below.


#1. A Review of Color in UX Design - Part 1: Color Limitations


This is the first in a three part post on color. This first post addresses some common drawbacks to using color; the second, Emotion and Color, examines common emotional interpretations of color; and the third, Designing A Color Palette, presents some approaches and tools for building a color palette.




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