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Free eBook - Applying Color Theory to UX Design and Data Visualization

Posted on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 @ 03:01 PM

The application of color could make or break a brand, website, brochure, logo, or even what we wear on a a first date or to a business meeting. The same goes for how we present data. The more complex the data, the more important color becomes in guiding the participant through its visualization.

UX Color TheoryPresenting vast amounts of information in a meaningful and usable manner is increasingly an everyday challenge in many domains. This is especially true when working with health care and life science data. The advancement in sequencing technologies along with their continuously decreasing costs will no doubt result in an even larger surge of incoming data along with an increased need and urgency to easily make sense—and use of this data…earlier.

This free eBook will show how you can improve a user’s experience by applying certain key color theory principles. Other topics reviewed include the application of color theory to data visualizations, the limitations of color use and the different emotions they may convey to your audience. You will also find beneficial tips on selecting the right color palettes to provide a professional look and feel for your next project, while maintaining or even improving your audience’s engagement. Finally, as a combined example of improved user experience in genomic data visualization, this eBook will revisit the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) Genome Wide Association catalog and propose a hybrid semiology approach as an example to increasing usability through the application of color theory and user experience.

 Free UX Color Theory eBook

Tags: UX Design, Health, Design for Care, Data Visualization, Color Theory


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