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Long Commute? Update Your Software.

Posted on Thu, Jul 24, 2014 @ 02:45 PM

5AMers think about software. A lot.

5AMers think about software a lot.

Technology blogger and 3-year 5AM software engineer, Ryan Kumsher, has a long commute. It takes about 90 minutes -- give or take -- to get from 5AM's suburban Washington, DC office to his home in bucolic Washington County, Maryland which is nestled in the hammock-shaped borders of Virginia and West Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains.

How does Ryan pass the time? On one evening, he installed the new Eclipse Luna distribution during his train ride. He uses Eclipse in his work at 5AM and in his personal projects. He shared his process:

"I was bored on my commute home tonight so I decided to install the new Eclipse Luna distribution. In doing so, I also had to reinstall (and remember) all of my plugins that I install.  I decided I’d share my (roughly ordered) list of essential Eclipse plugins[.]..."

Ryan gives a beautifully detailed description of his process including a screen shot and glimpses into his thought processes along the way. For example, he enthuses about one plugin, "I just recently discovered this gem a couple months ago but I don’t know how I ever got by without it." 

His meticulous, thoughtful attention was recently touted in a Spot Award from 5AM project manager Jungdae Kokotov. In an email to the company, she described Ryan and teammate Patrick Cavanaugh as the "dream team" because of their responsiveness to a client on the West Coast. 

"What's amazing about them is that the client doesn't ever feel the pain of [the] situation. 

...An urgent meeting was scheduled late last night.  Ryan volunteered to jump on the call to make sure the client was fully covered on the technical side. 

Later on that night, the client emailed the team with questions on production support tickets, and Ryan and Patrick continued responding to the client until the issue was resolved (and that was until midnight east coast time!)"

This emphasis is mine. What about you? Are you a dream teammate? If you are, click here to learn more about working at 5AM. Click here to read Ryan's complete post.

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