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Can a comic book explain health reform and health IT?

Posted on Mon, Feb 21, 2011 @ 01:20 PM

Imagine our surprise when we read a couple of weeks ago that Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economics professor who helped compose President Obama’s health care bill, is writing a comic book to describe health care reform. It makes a lot of sense, to use a simple format to explain something complex. (Info here.)


But we were especially surprised because we had a comic book of our own in the works. Today, we’re happy to launch The Glassbox 5 comic series, featuring our first hero, the Data Wrangler. He’s a cowboy data wrangler resized 600
who can help make sense of all the 0101ATGC data that floods the minds and systems of those in science and medicine. Data “wrangling” is part of what 5AM does for our clients, as we help them find – and share – the information amidst the mighty flow of data.

Now, we’re not claiming that the work 5AM does – using technology to unite people and health information – is anywhere near as complex as the 2,400-page health care reform bill. We find that our clients are successful because we keep it simple from the get-go – by listening to what their needs are, working together to determine the right solution, then doing it and sharing it quickly and continuously to ensure it’s right. (That last bit is what we call the Glassbox development process – see here for details.) Each of our clients has a different and unique problem, but with big ears for listening, and a consistent process for delivery and feedback, we feel we're pretty good at getting it right (100% of our software is in use today).

Check out the Data Wrangler and his fellow Glassbox 5 comic heroes, and share your thoughts. Are you drowning in data? Let us know what you do to keep from going under. As HIMSS heats up today, consider whether a comic book work for this kind of stuff, or do we stay in reality and leave the comics to the Escapists...?

(I'll get off the marketing soapbox now. Kudos and thanks to our great artists, Rich Ellis and Lee Moyer - check them out.)



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